Our Brands

Linka hosts various brands, including Arri, that it distributes in Turkey. Among these brands are globally recognized and trusted names.

Linka aims to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction by offering quality products.


Arri is recognized as a pioneering company in the cinema industry. Based in Germany, this company has a successful history of over 100 years in the production of cinema equipment. Arri's camera systems, lighting equipment, and other cinema accessories are frequently preferred by industry professionals. The company's quality, innovation, and reliability have increased its reputation in the industry. Arri's products are also successfully used in international film festivals. Additionally, the company offers services such as cinema education and technical support. A brief description of Arri is that it is a leading brand in the cinema industry.


Manfrotto is an Italian company that is a leading brand in the photography and video sector. The company specializes in the production of camera and video equipment and is known for its high-quality products. Manfrotto's product range includes tripods, monopods, lighting equipment, camera bags, and other accessories. Preferred by professional users in the photography and video industry, Manfrotto is known as a reliable brand with its sturdy and durable products. The company stands out with its innovative designs and technologies, addressing users' needs while offering advantages such as ease of use and portability. Manfrotto is an ideal choice for anyone seeking quality equipment in the photography and video field.


Astera is a company that offers high-quality lighting products and solutions. With its years of experience and innovative approach, it provides impressive and unique lighting solutions to its customers. Astera's product portfolio covers a wide range and offers suitable solutions for all types of spaces and events. It provides services in various areas such as LED light rental, stage lighting, decorative lighting, and architectural lighting. Astera's products are high-performance, energy-efficient, and long-lasting. Additionally, they are easy to set up and use thanks to their wireless control technology. Astera places great importance on customer satisfaction, demonstrating a professional approach in every project and meeting the expectations of its customers.


Atomos is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality monitors. These monitors are specially designed to meet the imaging needs used in various industries. Atomos' monitors provide live and clear images, fully meeting the needs of professional users. These monitors, known for their high-resolution displays and color accuracy, are preferred in industries such as cinema, television, broadcasting, and video production. Atomos' monitors offer users many features such as real-time monitoring, focus assist, and color calibration. As a result, users prefer Atomos monitors to achieve the best results and experience a professional viewing experience.


Freefly is recognized as a manufacturer of professional camera equipment. It offers its customers the highest quality products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With innovative designs, high performance, and user-friendly interfaces, Freefly has become a leading brand in the cinema and video industry. Thanks to its experience and expertise in the industry, it is preferred by filmmakers, photographers, and other professionals. Freefly's product range covers a wide range, from stabilization systems to lens tracking devices. With its innovative technologies, you can make your shoots easier and more creative. Freefly continues to lead the industry by offering solutions tailored to its customers' needs.

Wooden Camera

Wooden Camera is a brand that offers an aesthetic and natural look. The use of wood material gives the camera a rustic style while enhancing its durability. Designed specifically for creative photographers, the wooden camera aims to provide a unique experience. Made with natural materials, this camera also stands out with its quality craftsmanship. Wooden Camera evokes a nostalgic feel while seamlessly integrating with modern technology. It is portable and easy to use, allowing you to capture high-resolution photos and immortalize every moment. The Wooden Camera brand offers photography and video enthusiasts a natural and unique experience.


SmallHD is a brand that produces high-quality video equipment. Especially designed for professional users, its products stand out with excellent image quality. SmallHD monitors reflect images in the best possible way with vibrant colors and sharp details. Additionally, their compact sizes provide users with portability convenience. The brand's product range offers different screen sizes and resolution options, making it possible to find a suitable option for every need. SmallHD has become one of the favorite brands of professional videographers and photographers with its quality and durable products.


Portkeys, a company specialized in the production and sale of high-quality monitors. Offering the latest technology to its customers, Portkeys has a wide range of products. Their monitors with Ultra HD resolution provide vivid and realistic colors, making them an ideal choice for professional users. Additionally, with high refresh rates and low input lag, they are also favored by gaming enthusiasts. As a company that prioritizes customer satisfaction both before and after sales, Portkeys provides confidence to its customers through technical support and warranty services. Portkeys Monitor Company is a leading brand in the industry with its quality products and professional services.


Accsoon wireless transmitter is an excellent choice for those looking to shoot cinematic videos. With this introduction, it offers users a more liberated filmmaking experience. The wireless transmitter provides high-quality real-time image transmission, allowing for greater freedom of movement during shooting. Additionally, connecting the transmitter to a camera or gimbal is quite easy and it features a user-friendly interface. Accsoon wireless transmitter ensures a reliable connection even over long distances without signal loss. Moreover, its long-lasting battery makes it ideal for extended shooting sessions. Therefore, the Accsoon wireless transmitter has become a preferred equipment by many directors and cameramen in professional video shoots.


Teradek is a leading brand in professional wireless video technology and equipment. Known for its devices that provide high-quality video and audio transmission, Teradek offers innovative products that set industry standards. Its products are used in live broadcasting, filmmaking, television production, and many other sectors. With innovative wireless video solutions and high-performance encoder and decoder systems, Teradek provides users with a seamless and reliable video experience. The brand's reliability and quality are appreciated by professionals in the industry. Teradek is shaping the future of video transmission solutions with its technological innovations.


A brand is a symbol that represents the image and value of a product or service in the consumer's mind. Syrp is a brand that stands out in this regard. Known for its innovative and high-quality products, Syrp aims to provide creative solutions to its users with each of its products, enabling professional results in photography and video shoots. By combining modern technology with aesthetic design, the Syrp brand offers users a unique experience. The ease of use of its products, along with their durability and reliability, is one of the reasons why Syrp is preferred. Syrp prioritizes customer satisfaction and showcases its difference by adhering to high-quality standards in each of its products.


Sachtler is a brand that specializes in producing professional camera equipment. Being a leader in the industry for years, Sachtler is known for its high-quality and durable products. The Sachtler brand offers a variety of products such as tripods, camera stabilization systems, and camera heads. These products possess features that are preferred by professional cameramen. Sachtler products stand out with their sturdy construction and ease of use. You can rely on the Sachtler brand to achieve professional results in any shooting environment. With its superior performance and durability, Sachtler is an indispensable brand for professional camera equipment.


Transvideo is a pioneering brand in the field of professional imaging equipment. Known for its high-quality and cutting-edge products, Transvideo is considered a significant player in the cinema and television industries. The company offers various products such as cameras, monitors, video transmitters, and various accessories. Transvideo's products provide superior color accuracy and clarity, allowing users to view images at the highest level. The brand's innovative technologies and robust constructions are designed to meet the needs of professionals. Transvideo is recognized for its long history in the industry and commitment to customer satisfaction. With its products suitable for professional use, the Transvideo brand continues to maintain its leadership position in the industry.

Anton Bauer

Anton Bauer is a pioneering brand in the field of portable power solutions. Known for its years of experience and high-quality products, Anton Bauer excels at meeting the energy needs of professional users. The company is particularly recognized as a reliable choice in the television, film, and broadcasting industries. Anton Bauer's product range includes various items such as power supplies, battery packs, and chargers. Offering superior performance to its customers through innovative designs and durability, Anton Bauer maintains its leading position in the industry. The brand stands out for its energy efficiency and ease of use, providing users with solutions tailored to their needs. By always prioritizing customer satisfaction, Anton Bauer supports professionals in carrying out their work more efficiently.

Tiffen Filters

Tiffen, a brand renowned for its high-quality and professional photography equipment. With a wide popularity among photographers and cinematographers, Tiffen has been recognized as an industry leader for years. Offering a variety of products such as filters, lenses, tripods, and other accessories, Tiffen provides excellent solutions to elevate creativity and image quality to the highest level. With its high-performance products and innovative technology, Tiffen has become an indispensable choice for professionals in photography and filmmaking. Known for its quality and durability, Tiffen's products are confidently used in all types of shooting environments.


Zeiss, a globally renowned brand, is known for a range of products including optics, eyewear, and camera lenses. Headquartered in Germany, Zeiss holds a pioneering position in the industry with its high-quality technological products. With its extensive experience in optics, Zeiss provides customers with clear and sharp images. The eyewear offered by Zeiss, available in various models, stands out for its style and ease of use. Moreover, Zeiss lenses, preferred among professional photographers and filmmakers, deliver excellent image quality. Zeiss has gained the trust of its customers with innovative designs and reliable products.


OConnor tripods are known for being a high-quality brand specifically designed for professional use in cinema and video productions. They offer superior stability and durability, providing a robust tripod solution. Manufactured with advanced technology and excellent craftsmanship, these tripods ensure smooth operation in any shooting environment. The adjustable heights of OConnor tripods, along with their ease of use and portability, are notable features. With high performance and user-friendly design, OConnor tripods are an ideal choice for professional cinema crews and videographers. Made from quality materials, OConnor tripods offer long-lasting use, allowing you to make the most out of your investment. They are a reliable solution for flawless shots.


Avenger products are designed to meet the specific needs of the photography and cinema market. This series includes stands, clamps, connectors, light controls, and accessories designed to meet the stringent quality standards and performance levels required by the cinema industry. Avenger's distinctive feature is its product quality, which can withstand heavy use, challenging atmospheric conditions, high stress, and heavy loads.


Litepanels, known as a leading company in its industry, provides professional lighting solutions to meet the needs of professionals in the film and television industries. Specializing in the design and production of high-quality LED lights, Litepanels offers its users excellent light quality and flexibility. Its products, known for their sleek and compact designs, provide ease of use in any shooting environment. Litepanels is also a pioneer in energy efficiency, offering long-lasting light sources with low energy consumption. With innovative technologies and superior performance, Litepanels has solidified its position as a leading brand in the lighting industry.